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SuperFlex Type II T-888 Ultra Joint Compound
SuperFlex Type II
Our Price: $49.20
Super Flex Type II is designed from the ground up as a hard core, heavy duty joint support supplement. It's got a unique combination of patented ingredients that work together to support rebuilding joint cartilage and collagen*, reducing inflammation*, protecting from cartilage from breakdown*, building stronger joint connective tissues*, and cushioning joints with synovial fluid*

Custom designed for athletes recovering from joint injuries to help relieve pain and accelerate healing.
888 works by combining powerful natural anti-inflammatory compounds with an ultra strength joint support formula.
Nexrutine® is a naturally occurring dietary supplement obtained from the phellodendron tree, which practitioners of Chinese medicine have prescribed for more than 1,500 years. Berberine is a natural alkaloid found in a wide variety of traditional herbs including goldenseal, barberry and Oregon grape. Methylsulfonylmethane, or MSM, reduces inflammation and appears to improve cell wall permeability. Curcumin Extract is a natural extract from the spice turmeric which is used for cooking and also traditionally as a disinfectant and treatment for laryngitis, bronchitis, and diabetes in India.
As well as several other helpful compounds - - makes the difference!